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 GM codes ~

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Posts : 27
Join date : 2009-10-28
Age : 23
Location : Grave Yard , Tomb Stone no : 86 ~ mr.devil is buried under here ~

PostSubject: GM codes ~   Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:38 am

GM Commands


This little guide is the most comprehensive GM-guide for PKO you will find. It contains pretty much everything I know about the GM-commands and everything I found on different forums.

How to enter commands

This is really easy. All commands must be entered into the chat-field. And you must add a leading & to the command. For example:


&addmoney 1000000

gives you a million gold :-) To use the commands your account must be a GM-account. This means that you must edit the "GM" field in the database (accounts-table in the GameDB) and set it to a value > 0. To use all commands you must set GM to 99!

A little note on GM-Level: Lv = 0 (Normal Players, no rights), Lv 1-98 (GM, limited commands), Lv 99 (full GM, all commands) --- I can't remember exactly what values but I think if you put Lv25-30 for a player, he has the same rights as Lv1-98 but instead of "GM", "HD" is displayed above his head.

Parameters in [] are optional! For example: addkb <capacity>, [<char-id>] means: you can type "addkb 48" or "addkb 48,1234"


There are only 3 important things you need to know besides the obvious (don't mess with stuff you don't understand *lol*):

* all commands using char/mob-names (like &kick, &call, ...) are case-sensitive
* not all commands work when you or the target are at sea! (for example you can't &call/&goto chars on sea if you're on land, etc. - looks like &goto can be used if you and the target are on sea and if you add the ship-name to the name)
* some commands only work if you're on the same map/gameserver as your target (for example &attr - see there for more infos)

Game related commands

The following list contains those commands that influence the gameplay:

Command Description Level Example
addcess <points> Changes your commerce rate. Setting this to 10000 gives you a 0.01% commerce rate. 99 &addcess 1000000
addexp <exp> Adds exp to your experience 99 &addexp 1000000
addkb <capacity>, [<char-id>] Sets the inventory capacity to <capacity> 99 &addkb 48
addmission <id>, <id2> Adds a quest. Syntax is similar to DefineMission used in the Missionscript??.lua files.

For example if the lua contains:

DefineMission( 5138, "Goodbye to 7th Gate", 1546 )

you can add this mission with &addmission 1546, 5138 99 &addmission 1546, 5138
addmoney <gold> Gives your char some gold 99 &addmoney 1000000
addsailexp <exp> gives your current ship EXP 99 &addsailexp 5000000
attr <attribute>, <value>, [<char-id>] Set a certain "attribute" of a char (see below for more infos) 99 &attr 4,9
call <CharName> Teleports the given Char to your position 1 &call AnotherUser
clearmission <id> Removes a mission. 99 &clearmission 1546
clearrecord <id> Opposite to &setrecord. Removes a quest-record. 99 &clearrecord 330
delmission <id> Deletes mission? Seems to be the same as clearmission 99 &delmission 810
goto <CharName> Teleports you to the position of the given Char 1 &goto AnotherUser
hide Hides your char from other players 1 &hide
itemattr <slot>, <row>, <attr>, <value> Set a certain "attribute" of an item (see below for more infos) 99 &itemattr 2,1,53,9
kick <CharName> Kicks the given user (sometimes it d/c surrounding players!) 1 &kick AnotherUser
kill <MobName> Kills all surrounding mobs with the given name. 99 &kill Wolf
make <item-id>, <count>, [<quality>] Gives you a certain item (see below for more infos) 99 &make 1092,99
misclear Clears your Quest triggers, etc. 99 &misclear
move <x>, <y>, [<mapname>] Moves your char to the given position (see below for more infos) 1 &move 2000,2000,garner
notice <text> Displays "text" in the system-notice windows 99 &notice Hello World
qcha <CharName> Returns informations about the given char (coords, etc.) ?? &qcha AnotherUser
seeattr <attribute>, <char-id> Display a certain attribute of a char 99 &seeattr 6,1234
setrecord <id> Set quest record. For example: if a quest-definition contains something like:

TriggerCondition( 1, HasRecord, 330 )

in the LUA files, you could use &setrecord 330 to obtain that record (btw. 330 is Language Barrier) 99 &setrecord 330
skill <skill>, <level> Learn skill #<skill> at Level <level> 99 &skill 284,10
summon <mob-id>, [<time in ms>], [<AI>] Summons the given mob (see below for more infos) 99 &summon 789
summonex <mob-id>, <count>, [<time in ms>], [<AI>] Summons the given mob multiple times (be careful - summoning too many mobs will crash the server) 99 &summon 789, 10
unhide The opposite of hide :-) 1 &unhide

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Posts : 27
Join date : 2009-10-28
Age : 23
Location : Grave Yard , Tomb Stone no : 86 ~ mr.devil is buried under here ~

PostSubject: Re: GM codes ~   Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:42 am


The following list cointains those commands that influence the server itself:

Command Description Level Example
gamesvrstop <time> Stops the gameserver in <time> seconds 99 &gamesvrstop
getping Displays the current ping. 99 &getping
harmlog=1 / harmlog=0 Enables / disables the harmlog. If on, infos on who is attacking whom are displayed. 99 &harmlog=1
lua <command> Executes <command> on the gameserver your char is on. (Haven't found any useful command, yet) 99 &lua print("Hello world!")
lua_all<command> The same as &lua put command is executed on all gameservers. 99 &lua_all print("Hello World!")
misreload Reloads all NPC-dialogs and quests (same as updateall) 99 &updateall
missdk Reloads the SDK files. 99 &missdk
reload <mode> Reloads certain scripts/definitions. Possible values for mode:


99 &reload alltable
senddata <value 1>,<value 2> Sends data - whatever that means... 99 &senddata 123,123
setping <value> Sets the ping?? Seems to do nothing!? 99 &setping 100
setpinginfo <value 1>,<value 2> Whatever... 99 &setpinginfo 100,100
updateall Reloads all NPC-dialogs and quests. (same as misreload!?) 99 &updateall

Additional informations (summon, kick, etc.)

I'll explain some things that are "good to know" in the next few paragraphs...

summon & summonex

When summoning mobs you have to take some things into account: lets say you summon a BD with


&summon 789

it will stay until the GameServer is restarted. If it gets killed it will respawn after a few seconds! So be careful!

If you summon mobs you can influence their behaviour with the AI parameter. For example:


&summon 789,900000,0

summons a BD which stays for 900s and doesn't attack. 0,1,2,4,5,10 and 11 are valid values. I'm not 100% sure but they should have the following meanings:


0 - do nothing
1 - move around but don't attack
2 - tries to run away if attacked?
4 - follow the master ?
5 - counterattack after being attacked
10 - attacks
11 - attacks, flees and does ranged attacks ?


Be careful if you kick somebody from the server. In my experience, chars near the char you kick will be kicked, too.


If you use the third parameter with the &make-command you can create certain types of items. If anybody is really bored he can check the AttrCalculate.lua file. The function "Creat_Item_Tattr" defines the special effect. As far as i can see, the following values are possible:

1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 46, 49, 50, 59, 65, 68, 69, 70, 71, 101, 102

101 -> Gem Lv1 (pointless)
102 -> Gem Lv2
103-109 -> aren't working on all servers (if it works on yours, it creates Lv3-Lv9 gems)

If 103-109 aren't working on your server you can add them yourself. Open AttrCalculate.lua and search for


if item_event == 101 then
Add_Item_Attr ( ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV , 10 ) --±¦Ê¯
if item_event == 102 then
Add_Item_Attr ( ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV , 20 ) --±¦Ê¯

replace it with:


if item_event == 101 then
Add_Item_Attr ( ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV , 10 )
elseif item_event == 102 then
Add_Item_Attr ( ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV , 20 )
elseif item_event == 103 then
Add_Item_Attr ( ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV , 30 )
elseif item_event == 104 then
Add_Item_Attr ( ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV , 40 )
elseif item_event == 105 then
Add_Item_Attr ( ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV , 50 )
elseif item_event == 106 then
Add_Item_Attr ( ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV , 60 )
elseif item_event == 107 then
Add_Item_Attr ( ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV , 70 )
elseif item_event == 108 then
Add_Item_Attr ( ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV , 80 )
elseif item_event == 109 then
Add_Item_Attr ( ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV , 90 )

and they should work.


Using &move you can teleport to any position. If you use the 3rd parameter you can specify the map to which you want to teleport. Just search for *.atr to find all valid map-names (garner, darkblue, magicsea, jialebi, and so on)

Other stuff

By pressing Alt+P in-game you can send system-messages to all users. Those messages appear in the upper center of the screen. After pressing Alt+P a cursor appears above the Hotkey-Bar. You can enter your message there. After pressing Enter, the message is displayed and will disappear after some time by itself.
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Posts : 27
Join date : 2009-10-28
Age : 23
Location : Grave Yard , Tomb Stone no : 86 ~ mr.devil is buried under here ~

PostSubject: Re: GM codes ~   Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:42 am

The &attr-Command


The &attr command is one of the most powerful in the game. It can be used to modify the attributes of all logged in characters.

The syntax for this command is:


&attr <attribute>, <value>, [<char-id>]

where <char-id> is an optional parameter. If you don't add it, the command influences your currently logged in character. The following list shows all possible values for "attribute" and what you can do by modifying them (very incomplete at the moment):


Sometimes, when you're on a different map than the char you want to modify the server will reply with an error to your &attr commands. I hadn't got the chance yet to test it properly but I think it is either related to the other char being on a different map or to them being on a different gameserver. So if you get an error message saying that the char doesn't exist and you're sure it does, try teleporting near them and modifying their attributes! Normally, this fixes the problem.

Attribute Description Remarks / Example
0 Level Pretty obvious: modify the level of the char
1 HP You can't set a higher value than the max. HP your char has - so &attr 1,999999999 will only give you as much HP as your char actually has
2 SP same rules apply as for HP
3 -unknown- ATTR_TITLE
4 Class Use this to change your class. The following values are useful:

0 - Newbie
1 - Swordsman
2 - Hunter
4 - Explorer
5 - Herbalist
8 - Cahmpion
9 - Crusader
12 - Sharpshooter
13 - Cleric
14 - Seal Master
16 - Voyager

(actually you can set any value between 0 and 16 but only the above classes are really implemented)
5 Reputation
6 Attribute Points
7 Skill Points
8 Gold
9 -unknown- ATTR_SPRI
10 -unknown- Possibly char-type -> NPC, etc.
11 SLV
12 Life-Skill Level
13 Life-Skill Points
14 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_BERTH
15 EXP When in boat-modus -> boat-exp
16 -unknown- ATTR_NLEXP
17 -unknown- ATTR_CLEXP
19 -unknown- ATTR_CSAILEXP
20 -unknown- ATTR_CLV_SAILEXP
21 -unknown- ATTR_NLV_SAILEXP
22 -unknown- ATTR_CLIFEEXP
23 -unknown- ATTR_CLV_LIFEEXP
24 -unknown- ATTR_NLV_LIFEEXP
25 -unknown- ATTR_STR
26 -unknown- ATTR_DEX
27 -unknown- ATTR_AGI
28 -unknown- ATTR_CON
29 -unknown- ATTR_STA
30 -unknown- ATTR_LUK
31 -unknown- ATTR_MXHP
32 -unknown- ATTR_MXSP
33 -unknown- ATTR_MNATK
34 -unknown- ATTR_MXATK
35 -unknown- ATTR_DEF
36 -unknown- ATTR_HIT
37 -unknown- ATTR_FLEE
38 -unknown- ATTR_MF
39 -unknown- ATTR_CRT
40 -unknown- ATTR_HREC
41 -unknown- ATTR_SREC
42 -unknown- ATTR_ASPD
43 -unknown- ATTR_ADIS
44 -unknown- ATTR_MSPD
45 -unknown- ATTR_COL
46 -unknown- ATTR_PDEF
47 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_CRANGE
48 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_CSPD
49 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_PRICE
50 STR
51 ACC
52 AGI
53 CON
54 SPR
55 -unknown- ATTR_BLUK
56 -unknown- ATTR_BMXHP
57 -unknown- ATTR_BMXSP
58 -unknown- ATTR_BMNATK
59 -unknown- ATTR_BMXATK
60 -unknown- ATTR_BDEF
61 -unknown- ATTR_BHIT
62 -unknown- ATTR_BFLEE
63 -unknown- ATTR_BMF
64 -unknown- ATTR_BCRT
65 -unknown- ATTR_BHREC
66 -unknown- ATTR_BSREC
67 -unknown- ATTR_BASPD
68 -unknown- ATTR_BADIS
69 Movement-Speed Values higher than 2000 aren't useful as you'll be moving faster than the screen scrolls!
70 -unknown- ATTR_BCOL
71 -unknown- ATTR_BPDEF
72 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_BCRANGE
73 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_BCSPD
74 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_STR
75 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_AGI
76 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_DEX
77 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_CON
78 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_STA
79 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_LUK
80 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_ASPD
81 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_ADIS
82 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_MNATK
83 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_MXATK
84 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_DEF
85 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_MXHP
86 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_MXSP
87 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_FLEE
88 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_HIT
89 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_CRT
90 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_MF
91 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_HREC
92 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_SREC
93 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_MSPD
94 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_COL
95 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMC_PDEF
96 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_STR
97 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_AGI
98 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_DEX
99 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_CON
100 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_STA
101 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_LUK
102 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_ASPD
103 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_ADIS
104 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_MNATK
105 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_MXATK
106 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_DEF
107 Max HP Sets your max. number of HP
108 Max SP
109 Dodge ?
110 Hit-Rate ?
111 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_CRT
112 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_MF
113 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_HREC
114 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_SREC
115 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_MSPD
116 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_COL
117 -unknown- ATTR_ITEMV_PDEF
118 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_STR
119 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_AGI
120 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_DEX
121 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_CON
122 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_STA
123 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_LUK
124 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_ASPD
125 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_ADIS
126 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_MNATK
127 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_MXATK
128 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_DEF
129 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_MXHP
130 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_MXSP
131 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_FLEE
132 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_HIT
133 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_CRT
134 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_MF
135 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_HREC
136 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_SREC
137 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_MSPD
138 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_COL
139 -unknown- ATTR_STATEC_PDEF
140 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_STR
141 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_AGI
142 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_DEX
143 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_CON
144 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_STA
145 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_LUK
146 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_ASPD
147 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_ADIS
148 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_MNATK
149 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_MXATK
150 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_DEF
151 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_MXHP
152 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_MXSP
153 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_FLEE
154 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_HIT
155 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_CRT
156 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_MF
157 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_HREC
158 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_SREC
159 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_MSPD
160 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_COL
161 -unknown- ATTR_STATEV_PDEF
162 -unknown- ATTR_LHAND_ITEMV
163 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_SHIP
164 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_HEADER
165 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_BODY
166 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_ENGINE
167 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_CANNON
168 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_PART
169 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_DBID
170 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_DIECOUNT
171 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_ISDEAD
179 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_SKILLC_DEF
183 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_SKILLC_EXP
184 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_SKILLC_CPT
185 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_SKILLC_SPD
194 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_SKILLV_DEF
198 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_SKILLV_EXP
199 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_SKILLV_CPT
200 -unknown- ATTR_BOAT_SKILLV_SPD
202 -unknown- ATTR_MAX_NUM
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Posts : 27
Join date : 2009-10-28
Age : 23
Location : Grave Yard , Tomb Stone no : 86 ~ mr.devil is buried under here ~

PostSubject: Re: GM codes ~   Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:43 am

The &itemattr-Command


The &itemattr command is similar to the &attr command but it works on items instead of chars.

The syntax for this command is:


&itemattr <slot>, <row>, <attribute>, <value>

The following list shows all possible values for "attribute" and what you can do by modifying them (very incomplete at the moment):


Attribute Description Remarks / Example
1 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_STR
2 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_AGI
3 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_DEX
4 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_CON
5 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_STA
6 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_LUK
11 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_DEF
12 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_MXHP
13 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_MXSP
14 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_FLEE
15 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_HIT
16 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_CRT
17 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_MF
18 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_HREC
19 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_SREC
20 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_MSPD
21 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_COL
22 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COE_PDEF
26 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_STR
27 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_AGI
28 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_DEX
29 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_CON
30 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_STA
31 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_LUK
32 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_ASPD
33 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_ADIS
36 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_DEF
37 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_MXHP
38 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_MXSP
39 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_FLEE
40 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_HIT
41 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_CRT
42 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_MF
43 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_HREC
44 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_SREC
45 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_MSPD
46 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_COL
47 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_PDEF
51 -unknown- ITEMATTR_MAXURE
54 -unknown- ITEMATTR_URE
55 -unknown- ITEMATTR_FORGE
56 -unknown- ITEMATTR_ENERGY
58 -unknown- ITEMATTR_MAX_NUM
180 -unknown- ITEMATTR_COUNT_BASE3
181 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_PARAM1
182 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_PARAM2
183 -unknown- ITEMATTR_VAL_LEVEL

Special items

For some items, PKO abuses some of the above attributes to store different values. Which fields are used for what will be described on the next few paragraphs:


Attribute Description Remarks / Example
26-30 Attribute-Bonus (26=STR,...) Sum these to get Pet-Level
51 max. Stamina Formula: (Stamina*50) --> so if you want 400 Stamina, use 20000 as value
53 max. Growth Formula: (Level*240) --> for level 15 you would use 3600 as value
54 current Stamina

Medal of Valor

Attribute Description Remarks / Example
26 Honor Points
27 Number of Kills
28 Number of Deaths
29 Number of PvP Matches
30 Number of Wins
51 Team-Contribution Points
53 Chaos Points

All gems

Attribute Description Remarks / Example
53 Level of gem Use 1-9 to set the level of any gem
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Posts : 27
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Age : 23
Location : Grave Yard , Tomb Stone no : 86 ~ mr.devil is buried under here ~

PostSubject: Re: GM codes ~   Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:43 am

The @@ Commands


There are some additional commands with a slightly different sysntax (all credits go to jgreever for finding these). Some of them work without any GM-level-restriction (so you can use them on official servers with a Newbie - only the char-level-restrictions for talkin in certain channels apply).

You use them by typing "@@ command" (@@ followed by a blank) into the chatbox.

The commands

Command Description Level Example
bbs <interval x 10 secs>, <time>, <content> similar to &notice, but timed ?? @@ bbs 5,5,blabla
estop <CharName>, <time> Mutes the given character for <time> seconds (important info below!) 1 @@ estop SnowMan,60
delestop <CharName> Unmutes the given character (important info below!) 1 @@ delestop SnowMan,60
getuserconnection <CharName> Shows connection-info for the given character ?? @@ getuserconnection SnowMan
getusernum+ Displays number of users online and number of logins 0 @@ getusernum+
getlastconnection Displays your last connection info 0 @@ getlastconnection
ping <CharName> Pings the given character ?? @@ ping SnowMan

Regarding estop/delestop

"estop" works a little bit different from what most people expect. lets say you mute somebody for 60 minutes, then this character has to be online for 60 minutes for the mute to wear off. If he just logs off and comes back 2 hours later he will still be muted! So be careful if you mute people for several days as it will probably take them weeks until they can talk again if they are online for a few hours each day.

To unmute somebody, the person has to be online! You can't "delestop" characters who aren't logged in!
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Posts : 27
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Age : 23
Location : Grave Yard , Tomb Stone no : 86 ~ mr.devil is buried under here ~

PostSubject: Re: GM codes ~   Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:44 am

Missing/Unknown commands

The following commands are available but for some reason nobody could figure out what they do or how they work (or i simply hadn't got the time or motivation to check them). So if anybody has more informations or is bored and can try them out, feel free to post your findings in this thread!

((Most of the time the parameters are just a guess from what I've seen in the debugger!!!))

Command Description Level Example
delitem ?? ?? ??
forge ?? ?? ??
isblock ?? ?? ??
itemvalid ?? ?? ??
light ?? ?? ??
pet ?? ?? ??
qitem <some parameter> -unknown- ?? -unknown-
relive -unknown- ?? -unknown-
reload_ai ?? ?? ??
setflag <id>, <flag> Sets a quest history flag. whatever that means. ?? &setflag 1,1
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Posts : 27
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Age : 23
Location : Grave Yard , Tomb Stone no : 86 ~ mr.devil is buried under here ~

PostSubject: Re: GM codes ~   Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:45 am

Regarding IDs for items, mobs, skills, etc.

Where to find them

OK, normally this shouldn't be necessary as in my humble opinion everybody running an own server should be intelligent enough to take at least one look at the files for himself (otherwise he should just delete his files as he is not worth running a server):

All Skill-IDs, Item-IDs, etc. can be found in the txt-files in the resource directory of your GameServer.

Item-IDs: iteminfo.txt
Mob-IDs: characterinfo.txt
Skill-IDs: skillinfo.txt

(there are more, but those are the most important) - if you view the files in any text-editor you'll see a lot of columns with data. In all files the first column contains the ID and the second the name of the item/mob/skill. (Even in all other files, the first column is always the ID and in 99% of all cases, the second row contains names)

Regarding Security on GM-Servers

Basically, I think running a GM-server is a waste of time. You will always have the problem that there are idiots who think its funny to do things like summon thousands of mobs, etc.

If you really want to run a GM-server I would recommend to modify the GameServer.exe and rename certain commands. For example gamesvrstop, summonex, etc. - you can do so by using any HEX-editor (like HXD, XVI32, etc.).
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PostSubject: Re: GM codes ~   

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GM codes ~
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